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    • Lilia (Deutschland/Magdeburg) says:

      Привет Влада, очень рада за тебя, успехов тебе в твоём творчестве!!! Если помнишь меня…Лилия из Магдебурга

    • Константин (Ukraine / Kiev) says:

      Hello! Tell, what the song "I authorize you"? I mean, her deep sense of, tk. with collaborators at work, I have not found a general znaminatelya in this issue. I wish you every success in tvorechestve.

    • Nicholas (Kharkiv) says:

      Hello! You are incredibly beautiful Vlad, I saw your video on one of the network sites. I could not resist, Whatever you say about this. Your song is not-- I gave my wife, zakazav ee radio. Thank you. Sincerely, Nicholas

      • Vlada Crystal says:

        Thank you Nicholas. I am very pleased to hear, that my songs are gifts for someone. It's great! Come ...

    • World (Kiev) says:

      Zdravstvujte Government! Excellent song and video on it .... very sensibly!!! YOU really like. It's very dushevnenko :-) Svetlana

    • Pasha (Kiev) says:

      Good day! I really like your style and your creativity. You really stand out against a background of Ukrainian show business. Do you have any secrets to creating your style?

      • Vlada Crystal says:

        The secret is actually very simple - always be yourself, not pretend to be someone or play. And the songs I sing only those, I come up and that she chose

    • Yarik (Kiev) says:

      Good day! Power, What are your creative plans?